[Linux-aus] Vista v. Linux Movie

gareth gareth at computerrescue.com.au
Tue Feb 6 07:57:02 UTC 2007

Chris Smart wrote:
> gareth wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> Does anyone know of any documentary/propaganda style movies or short 
>> clips detailing a reasonable comparative analysis between Windows and 
>> Linux.

> Not that it's video nor specifically Vista, but have you seen 
> http://makethemove.net ?
> Maybe it's a start to help you convert some friends.
> Chris

Hi Chris. Yes I have. It's a good site and very friendly but a lot of 
people don't respond well to text.

I give you the example of Global Warming. No matter how many peer 
reviewed articles or vocal scientists, it took a documentary 
(Inconvenient Truth) to spark the imagination of the (lazy/busy) public.

I would love to see/create a decent short documentary on the pros/cons 
of Linux Vista.

Only yesterday I saved a business ~$2500 on proprietary software. We 
know we have a strong case...

Andrew Swinn: Thanks for the RedHat Link. I'm downloading now.

Chris: FYI. The banner in http://makethemove.net is blocked by privoxy.


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