[Linux-aus] Fwd: Ogg Vorbis and Theora removed from HTML5

Arthur Marsh arthur.marsh at internode.on.net
Thu Dec 27 05:47:54 UTC 2007

David Newall wrote, on 2007-12-17 16:22:
> Jeff Waugh wrote:
>> <quote who="David Newall">
>>> It seems to me that championing patent reform is not enough. The open
>>> source industry needs also to embrace the current system to the fullest.
>>> That means collecting a portfolio of submarine patents. Play the
>>> proprietary industry at it's own game.
>> Excluding the word 'submarine', what you're talking about is OIN, the Open
>> Invention Network: http://www.openinventionnetwork.com/
> Yes, I know.  That word is important.  If you leave it out you're only 
> playing half of the game.

Paraphrasing the movie Wargames:

"Would you like to play global thermo-nuclear patent war, Professor Falken?"

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