[Linux-aus] Seeking nomination

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at dhanapalan.com
Sat Dec 22 12:56:42 UTC 2007

On Fri, 21 Dec 2007, Andrew Cowie <andrew at operationaldynamics.com> wrote:
> If the 35 (sic, but that seems high) Members of AUUG

Just to put that figure into perspective, that's about half of what we get in 
attendance at a SLUG meeting.

In other words, any kind of amalgamation would not be worth spending too much 
time and effort on. AUUG members are of course welcome to join LA.

"Already, Brazil spends more in licensing fees on proprietary software than it 
spends on hunger" - EFF co-founder John Barlow, 2005-01-29
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