[Linux-aus] Seeking nomination

David Newall david at davidnewall.com
Thu Dec 20 15:30:39 UTC 2007


I'd like to serve on the Linux Australia committee in 2008, principally 
to steward an amalgamation with AUUG, but also to work in whatever other 
capacity I'm needed.  I've already said how I think amalgamation should 
be done, always assuming AUUG want to join the party, but to recap:

   1. Advocate amalgamation with AUUG and work in any required capacity
      to achieve their aproval.
   2. Solicit suggestions from members of both organisations for a new
      name, and then poll for the most popular.
   3. Poll the members of both organisations to decide whether Linux
      Australia's charter should be extended to include "unix" or "open
   4. Liaise with the trustees of the John Lions Award to revive the
   5. Revise the history of both organisation to produce a single,
      unified history.

I'm asking for members to nominate me.  (I'm also asking the committee 
to approve my membership of Linux Australia, which is still pending.)


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