[Linux-aus] Open Source Case Studies

Mark Phillips mark.phillips at automatedtestsystems.com.au
Thu Dec 20 06:07:31 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Last nights IEEE Computer Society was very good. Professor Fitzgerald
talked, amongst other things, of a case study of moving to Open Source,
carried out at one of the Hospitals in Ireland.

It was a move to Open Office which didn't go well, and a move to Open
Source based email which did go well. As both systems were at the same
hospital with mostly the same people, the reactions of the
users/administrators in the two situations were very different.

The talk gave concrete examples in what to do and what not do and why,
how the groundwork was different in both cases and how assumptions were
made that were incorrect.

Professor Fitzgerald is also looking around other case studies to a
paper he is currently writing And concrete examples would be

I also have his slides and would like to publish them somewhere either
at the LA or OSIA web site as soon as I get the formal release.


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