[Linux-aus] Observations from a new member on the list

Anestis Kozakis kenosti at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 20:56:44 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

I am new to the list, but the recent discussions have prompted me to 
make the following observations:

1] If you can't reply in a civilised manner, please don't reply at 
all.  Leave personal attacks at the door.  Best thing to do is ignore 
the personal attacks, and just respond to the relative issues.

2] On the AUUG/Linux merger, it could be possibly be a good thing, 
considering there is OpenBSD out there, and UNIX users also run open 
source software.  It could also give the AUUG membership a place to 

3] On Linux Australia and what it represents, well, I like the idea 
of an organisation representing Linux users at conferences and to 
government ministers, promoting Linux as an alternative.  As long as 
Linux Australia accept input from the community on various issues, 
and report back to the community, I have no issues.

4] On open source software, well, without other software, Linux is 
just an operating system that runs on a computer which, well, does 
nothing much.   Open source software should be included in Linux 
Australia's charter.  Do we really only help people new to Linux 
install Linux and that's it?  Or do we go further and help them 
install other open source software (like Open Office, Firefox, etc 
etc) so they can actually use the computer in a productive manner?

5] On name changes, well, we could leave Linux Australia as it is and 
just incorporate open source software in the charter, or we could 
change the name to Linux Australia and Open Source (LAOS), or Linux 
Australia and Open Source Software (LAOSS).  Changing a name does not 
necessarily mean changing the nature of the group, it's members, or 
what the group is about.

Hmm, I am sure I had more points, but I'm on 4 hours sleep, so if I 
think of anything else, I'll post.


Anestis Kozakis
kenosti at gmail.com

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