[Linux-aus] AUUG to close? Will there be a rush of new members to Linux Australia?

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 13:53:50 UTC 2007

Hi folks

My thoughts on both LA and AUUG are interrelated.

I dont see a need to do a one ring to bind them all.

I value Linux Australia as a name and community because
- It is easy for a n00b to recognise and associate with the penguin
and the software they are hearing about.
- It is inclusive of free software and open source perspectives.
- People usually find their own way through questions around free
software or open software after some time with the ideas and software.
It is not the first conversation that people want to have when they
try Linux.
- We have been able to interconnect and network and support wider but
congruent concepts and communities.

I feel that changing to a name which specifies open source
specifically does not inherently include the free software
perspective. I appreciate that logisitically they could be considered
a subset but I feel that the name would encourage the kind of us v
them thinking which is divisive for open code communities.
I appreciate that there will be others who are more into open source
licences specifically and that an open source name is more inclusive
of other software including BSDs. I just think it also does cut the
cake but just somewhere different.

This is the reason that I feel that a one ring to bind them all
approach to the AUUG question is not a plus.
If we have a Linux Community which is able to include free and open
source software, an OSIA which is open code for business, and an AUUG
which includes closed and open Unix then we have a mix of overlapping
communities with slightly different conversations possible in each. We
have mail lists and can run events people frequently have
conversations flow between communities. The same is also true
regarding Linux and wireless computing, Linux and bike communities
have a lot of overlap. I know that these might be considered more
broad than the open free question but for me the question is similar.
It possibly makes no sense to have a linux bicycle group but it makes
lots of sense to have linux bicycle events. Combined events for
wireless and other interests also make a lot of sense.
I think having a mix of communities with different characters gives us
some diversity and some room to choose
communities where the cake is variously sliced.

I think the best thing to do is to be good at inter group networking
and supporting each other.
The idea of providing list services to AUUG folks is great.
Which ever path the student award takes should be where the award works best.
I think Linux Australia and the LCA teams do fine work but I dont
think that means that all things need to fit in that box.
Events are great ways to broaden scope and collaborate without needing
to slice the organisation cakes in different ways. Lets make the most
of what we have in common but I dont think it means we all have to be
the same
and commit to a one size fits all perspective. I think the variant
facets are useful and that we can help each other
without needing to make things homogenous.


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