[Linux-aus] Fwd: Ogg Vorbis and Theora removed from HTML5

David Newall david at davidnewall.com
Mon Dec 17 04:07:19 UTC 2007

It seems to me that championing patent reform is not enough.  The open 
source industry needs also to embrace the current system to the 
fullest.  That means collecting a portfolio of submarine patents.  Play 
the proprietary industry at it's own game.  Don't squawk when a company 
encroaches on free patents, but wait until they are commercially 
committed to it, and then play with them like a cat with a mouse.  What 
would Microsoft do if faced with the choice of abandoning it's complete 
patent portfolio, or paying a $1,000 per unit royalty on every copy of 
Windows, or Office, or IE, or Media Player, or whatever product had been 
violating the patent for, say, 10 years?  Bankrupt them or leave them 
bereft of any patent protection?  I don't care.  That's their problem, 
isn't it?

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