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Jeff Waugh jeff at waughpartners.com.au
Thu Dec 13 06:58:54 UTC 2007

<quote who="Glen Turner">

> Those processes were not characterised by the same process issues as the
> ISO Fast Track process for OOXML.

I would not want to suggest that the process is perfect by any stretch of
the imagination. I feel that a substantial part of the problem is actually
ECMA rather than ISO and/or SA.

> But the IEEE has processes in place which seem to be coping and no one
> doubts the resulting standard won't be technically acceptable.
> Neither of those standards bodies behaved in the disorganised fashion of
> the ISO Australia National Body has with OOXML.

Well, I don't believe that the ISO process or SA are built to sustain the
kind of attack the system is under (from *all* sides) as a result of this
process, and the interest in it. I have been pleased with the approach of
the SA people (we're all human beings here) involved, and their behaviour in
good faith under trying circumstances.

> For example, what are the criteria for OOXML moving forward through the
> Australia NB? The process is NB-specific, but Standards Australia have no
> documented process for moving from the Ballot Resolution Meeting to the
> determination of the Australia NB vote.

I'm relatively content with the process through to February as described
(and contributed to!) during the meeting on Monday. I don't particularly
like the lack of transparency or open infrastructure in general, but I will
continue to raise concerns in a diplomatic fashion while I participate in
the process.

> It's well time Standards Australia's behaviour is bought to the attention
> of the Commonwealth.

I'd suggest that you raise your concerns in less emotive terms, in order to
better communicate and achieve your goals. Knowing the pressure that pretty
much everyone involved in this process is under, you're more likely to have
an impact by trying to assist than attack.

- Jeff

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