[Linux-aus] Letter to Standards Australia re transparency of OOXML process

Jonathon Coombes jon at cybersite.com.au
Wed Dec 12 06:59:43 UTC 2007

On 12/12/2007, at 11:28 AM, Glen Turner wrote:

> Hello Linux Australia committee,
> As you know, an informal group of people outraged by Microsoft's
> mistreatment of the international standards process has been
> engaged with Standards Australia over DIS 26300 (OOXML).
> The outrageous process continues, with many issues of concern
> to the Linux community being excluded from the Ballot
> Resolution Committee. For example, the ISO CEO has determined
> that no intellectual property issues exist in DIS 26300, so
> no futher discussion on that topic is permissible.

Hi Glen,

I assume here you mean DIS 29500 which is the OOXML specification.  
The ISO 26300 is the ODF standard that is now recognised and  
implemented in a range of applications around the world.

> The BRM itself has no minutes, no observers. In short, no
> transparency.
> For more detail see
> http://www.jtc1sc34.org/repository/0932.htm
> Standards Australia gain their authority from the Commonwealth,
> via a Memo of Understanding which requires:
>  3.1.1 "scientifically and economically rigorous"
>  3.1.3 "do not inhibit competition"
>  3.5   "fair an acceptable balance of all interested parties"
>        "full needs of producers, service providers, users"
>  5.7.1 "documented procedures and systems for developing standards"
>  5.11  for international standards, ensure participation of local
>        experts and present their views at international forums

I am happy to help out here as what would be considered a "local  
expert" in this field (more relating to ODF that OOXML though).

> I have listed these terms as people aware of the process followed
> for DIS 26300 are well aware that Standards Australia has failed
> to meet these terms.
> I ask that Linux Australia lobby the Commonwealth to bring to the
> new government's clear attention the failures of Standards Austalia
> in the DIS 29600 process.
> I ask that Linux Australia do so by:
>  - writing a letter to the responsible Minister outlining the
>    flaws.
>  - requesting in that letter that the Minister direct Standards
>    Australia to disapprove DIS 29600.
>  - meeting with the Minister to discuss this matter and future
>    reform of Standards Australia's involvement with the computing
>    community.
> I am happy to assist Linux Australia in these tasks.
> Please let me know shortly your decision on this request.

I think you mean DIS 29500 here, right? I am happy to assist in these  
proceedings as well.

Jonathon Coombes
OOo Knowledgebase:-  http://mindmeld.cybersite.com.au

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