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Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 14:27:42 UTC 2007

Hi folks

This material is being looked at on another list:

The following statements have been extracted from the ALP publication
"Labor's Education Revolution: New Directions for Vocational Education
and Training", May 2007, Pages 18 and 19.

"A Federal Labor Government will provide up to $2.5 billion in capital
funding over the next decade to build new trade centres in all
Australia's 2 650 secondary schools."

"Labor's Trades Training Centres in Schools Program will focus on
providing state of the art trade workshops, ICT facilities and
equipment to promote the teaching of vocational education for students
in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Government, Catholic and Independent
Secondary schools."

"Schools will be able to apply for capital funding of between $500 000
and $1.5 million to build trade workshops, computer laboratories and
other facilities to enhance the vocational education and training
experience of young people. They will also be able to use funds to
upgrade capital equipment."

"Schools in close proximity seeking to share Trades Training Centres
in Schools facilities will be allowed to pool capital funding to
create School Trade Precincts."

"Proposals to build workshops in partnerships with industry skill and
training centres and TAFE institutes will also be favourably
considered and encouraged."

"Funding will be determined on an application basis to the
Commonwealth Department of Education."

"Schools applying for funds under the program will be required to
establish a case for funding based on unmet demand and/or the age of
their current facilities."


Questions in that list include:

How will the proposed Trades Training Centres in Schools Program
affect curriculum delivery, across the existing eight key learning
areas, in our secondary schools? For example, how will student contact
time, in each of the eight key learning areas, be affected in Years 9
and 10 by Labor's proposed Trades Training Centres in Schools Program?


There will likely be concerns as those in the question here, but the
interest in more continuity between schooling and further education is
probably of interest to folks thinking about open source and


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