[Linux-aus] New Federal Govt's Education/PC plans

Paul Coldrey paul at ensigma.com.au
Mon Dec 3 06:08:39 UTC 2007

Phil Rhoades wrote:
> Since they are supposed to be new computers, we should be pushing a
> Linux OS as well . .
If the machines don't need Windows then that should save some money and 
allow for less budget or more PCs,.. right? Surely that is a simple 
message that would make sense to politicians. (assuming M$ doesn't 
provide windows for free to get the next generation hooked on their 
gear, and claim some healthy tax deductions for the "donation").

Another interesting angle that might reduce the inertia to adopting a 
Linux-based system is that a number of schools (Glen Osmond Primary and 
Seymour, which makes 2 from 2 that I know anything about) are using Macs 
as their platform of choice..... OS X and Linux share a lot of genealogy.

One final thought is that there seems to be a perception that Linux is 
arcane, minimalistic, and well,... boring. Personally I hate 
compiz-fusion but I installed it just to show Windows people what a 
windowing environment can do,... and like it or not,... it blows peoples 

It we can save money and look really cool then that should appeal to the 
poli's and the kids :-).



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