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Sun Apr 22 21:50:48 UTC 2007

>> I think this is being pragmatic. It is a project that accepts the
>> reality of the perception of Linux and is attempting to address that
>> perception problem. Not only that it is within the realms of
>> possibility, as it only requires that approximately 1% of the number of
>> Linux users world wide contribute the equivilant of $AU2.00 each.
>> regards
>> Tracyanne

> You're still not addressing my main point though. This is a limited
> appeal activity that does nothing for promoting Linux and FOSS anywhere
> outside the US. It has very little real effect outside and certainly
> doesn't do anything for promoting Linux and FOSS in Australia.
> -- 
> James Purser
> Ordinary Committee Member

This is where I think you are wrong. I believe that the Indy500 has great appeal 
outside of the US. But that isn't necessarily the point.

Where the US goes so goes the rest of the World. The issues over patents, and copyright
and other changes that the Commonwealth want to make to our laws, are directly influenced 
by our trade agreements with the US. Linux and what affects Linux is not even considered
by US lawmakers, they do what is best for the mega corporations. This probably would not be
the case if the US economy were more reliant on Linux, especially on the desktop, if Linux 
had a significant market share. At the very least the outrage over assinine laws that are
detrimental to Linux and FOSS would be very much greater if a suffuciently significant part 
of the US population were using Linux. The flow on affect of this would be that US trade 
agreements would not have the detrimental affect on Linux and FOSS in Australia that they 
potentially do now, because the laws that affect those trade agreements would either not exist
or would be changed - Americans when being self righteous are a very powerful force.

I believe that while as a single one off advertising action the Indy 500 will have a small affect
in Australia, but it won't be minimal, the indy is actually a big event among petrol heads, that 
if this one event can be made to happen then there can be more. You have to start somewhere. With 
the exception of Bill Maidment, I've seen nothing that attempts to put Linux in front of large 
numbers of people, in Australia. Until we can establish the meme, Linux, on the desktop, will 
remain unknown and marginalised. That's where we are now.

These yanks have made that start, lets, as a community, get behind them and make
this one thing happen, then we will know that we can do it. This event is not intended to be a 
one off, but unless we make it happen it will be a none off, and apathy will have won the day.



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