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>> Secondly, we are actually working on projects of our own to help
>> promote
>> Linux and FOSS. Up until a month ago I was running a fortnightly online
>> radio show. Chris Smart and co are running the makethemove web site.
>> Last month a local business man named Ashley Maher did a fifty minute
>> presentation to the local small business club.
> Excellent, you will find no complaints from me on this score. Mind you
> I've never heard any of this stuff where I live.

Better communication about this sort of thing is probably a small but
worthwhile ask. Many of us have heard of some of these things via mails
to this list, however even then that is subject to recollection ability
and length of participation. I personally knew of all except the last one.

I'm not sure where the Web Team (or whatever it is called...
recollection ability is low for this ;)) is up to wrt website content,
but a quick browse of the LA website, shows a probably outdated (no
updates since July last year!) press section, and the 'projects' and
'talks and presentations' pages under the 'linux in australia' (not
updated since '04!) section have no mention of the fosscast, the
makethemove website, nor Ashley's presentation.

Having information about such achievements would certainly help to allay
'but nobody else is doing anything' comments, as well as be a nice pat
on the back to those who contribute.

Additionally and slightly unrelated to this, I'd like to point out that
distro marketing teams are A Good Thing and can get things right.
Newsletters, 'Swag' howtos, etc are all valuable efforts and can make a
> >8 snip 8<
ps. This isn't intended to be a dig at the Web Team (keep up the good
work!), rather suggestions as to how we can make community contributions
more visible and instill more confidence in those who are seeing
'nothing being done'

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