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>Before you go throwing around accusations of "lack of intestinal
>fortitude", hows about having a look where people are coming from.
>Firstly, Linux Australia couldn't support this. 
Linux Australia is not being asked to support it. Individual Linux users
are being asked to do what individual Linux users can do to help.
Preferably in this case donate at least $AU2.00 each.
>Secondly, we are actually working on projects of our own to help
>Linux and FOSS. Up until a month ago I was running a fortnightly online
>radio show. Chris Smart and co are running the makethemove web site.
>Last month a local business man named Ashley Maher did a fifty minute
>presentation to the local small business club.

Excellent, you will find no complaints from me on this score. Mind you
I've never heard any of this stuff where I live.

>You have to
>remember, we are not a super rich organisation. Our main income stream
>is the LA conference and we try to do the best we can with the
>we have.

Linux Australia is not being asked to do anything.

>Define better. 

You will have to ask that question of those who had stated that there
are better ways than the tux500 project. It wasn't I who said there are
better ways. I have merely challenged those who have said there are
better ways to provide those "better ways". Personally I think Tux500 is
an excellent way to get international coverage for Linux. If I did not I
would not have asked fellow Australians to help.

>We've already had discussions about tv advertising and
>targeted media campaigns as well as things such as addresses to the
>National Press Club and such. 

All good ideas, that I think should be persued.

>Sorry to dissappoint but word of mouth is a wonderful thing, if managed
>correctly. Any marketer will tell you that once you have a good word of
>mouth campaign going, it can be worth money in the bank.

I agree, to a point. It has to be backed up by other media, and to date
Word of mouth has not put Linux on sufficient desktops to even warrent a
mention. Linux as a desktop computer system doen't even rate in the
consciousnes of the very people we need to reach. I know because I'm
word of mouthing my tits off for the last 5 years, and without exception
people still look at me blankly when I mention Linux. 

>I really do appreciate your enthusiasm for promoting Linux and FOSS,
>yes I do share some of your frustrations, as the idea of a big campaign
>bringing the good word of Linux to the country is attracitive, you just
>have to be a little bit more pragmatic.

I think this is being pragmatic. It is a project that accepts the
reality of the perception of Linux and is attempting to address that
perception problem. Not only that it is within the realms of
possibility, as it only requires that approximately 1% of the number of
Linux users world wide contribute the equivilant of $AU2.00 each.



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