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Glen Turner glen.turner at aarnet.edu.au
Sun Apr 22 02:34:11 UTC 2007

linuxaus.1.tracyanne at spamgourmet.com wrote:

> I'm involved in a project that is attempting to raise funds to begin a
> marketing campaign to market Linux to a wider audience. This project is
> mainly the work of two men Ken Stark (who Blogs as Helios
> http://blog.lobby4linux.com/) and and Bob Moore a Linux Admin and prime
> mover of this project. They have engaged the services of Acceleration
> Marketing ( http://www.accelerationmarketing.net/ ) a marketing company
> that works with the US Motorsport industry. They have a car and a
> driver, all they need now is the help of the Linux community to raise
> $US350,000 to race an Indy car in this years Indy 500
> ( http://www.tux500.com/index.php )

Value for money. That sort of money could put a full time lobbyist
in Canberra arguing our cause -- not just for Linux, but related
issues like copyright and patents.

Tracking the cash.

We give money to Tux500 who gives it to Acceleration Marketing who
gives it to a Indy 500 race team.  But we are not a party to any of the
contracts.  That is simply too high a level of risk. Not necessarily
of fraud, but of paying for unneeded services and of paying people
who do not have our interests at heart.

For example, why not deal directly with a team? If that is complex,
then take on Acceleration Marketing (or one of their competitors)
as *our* contractor.  As it stands, Acceleration Marketing have no
responsibility other than to themselves.

Because of the lack of track record, contracts are needed. There
simply isn't enough demonstrated trust for a donation.

Transaction costs will be high.

You are asking Australians to fund a US race team via a US marketing
firm.  You have already quoted in US$, so presumably contracts are
going to be written, interpreted and enforced in the USA.

I do such contracts all the time, and they are well beyond the scope
of Linux Australia and the costs are much higher than is appropriate
for a small not-for-profit organisation.


This proposal is for a one year deal. But that doesn't seem to be
the norm for successful marketing in the Indy 500. Why are we
being presented with a one-off proposal rather than a multi-year
marketing plan?

Why are the sums of money so small compared to the cost of car
racing?  I'm assuming we are not paying a high price and thus
do not get much visibility.  The terms of the marketing need
to be much more clearly described -- are we paying for a decal
on the driver's arm or are we paying to have Tux on the bonnet?

How does Acceleration Marketing propose to measure the effectiveness
of our marketing spend?

Sorry to sound so negative, but even if race car sponsorship is
an effective means of promoting the use of Linux, the mechanism
you propose to do this isn't suitable.

Regards, Glen

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