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Tue Apr 3 06:46:16 UTC 2007

"We are a huge group of Linux users here - several thousand over the various 
mailing lists, and 60-100 attend every meeting. "

ouch :).. lots and lots of pizza required there :)

This group are hosting the coming Linux Conf in Dec.. yes another one :)

"Linux Bangalore/2003 is India's premier Linux/OpenSource event. 
This annual event brings together professionals and enthusiasts from India, 
Asia and the rest of the world for a three day Applied Technology Conference. 
LB/2003 will feature talks, discussions, workshops, round-table meetings and 
demonstrations by national and international speakers that cover a diverse 
spectrum of Linux and OpenSource related technologies ranging from Kernel-programming 
and Embedded systems to Desktop Environments and Localisation to Databases 
and Web Applications to Gaming and Multimedia, to community and User Group Development." 

The call for speakers has just gone out.. and lucky me I am on that spam list too :)

fyi :)
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Kimberly Shelt

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