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Tue Apr 3 06:46:16 UTC 2007

or is it just because ..

a.the jobs site would be the page that would "logically" change more 
often.. and thus folks would check it regularly :)

b. possibly linked from many other plugs too. ? I know the PLUG does:)

c. I think there are quite possibly a large number of IT/whatever flavour
job seekers out there rightnow. hopefully LA Job DB is just one of the
places people seek work.. :). so at the moment the economic climate
means the job page would be hit more often .)

If the hits are good, then perhaps this can be used as proof
for LA to approach companies to get them on the LA site ?
> There was a time where I fed a periodically posted message onto various 
> Usenet newsgroups (, and related) advertising availability of the 
> service. That hasn't happened for a while (it was never reinstated after a 
> hard drive crash on the server). That may explain part of the decline, 
> combined of course, with other avenues popping up for Linux Job postings. 
> This is the first time I've seen it empty.

:) I think this is indicative of the times more so than the LA site itself..
thus I think Pias idea of trying to bloster the job site is a good one..
lets make it work well now, so when the times are booming it will work
even better :)

Also I am currently writing articles for the mag that will hopefully
include pieces about LA, thus increasing advertising too.
> I personally have always believed that Linux Australia had an important role 
> to serve in providing a free and unencumbered mechanism for managing Linux 
> jobs in Australia. I personally don't think anything has changed really.

I have not that much history with LA or Australia for the last years,
but I agree, LA and the new committee are moving towards a bigger
and brighter future :)
> I think Linux Australia should continue to operate the Jobs database, and to 
> promote it. I additionally think it makes sense to invite the various IT 
> recruitment agencies to make free use of it too. Promotion is the key.

NO debate from me.. and I agree with both the sugssitons here :)
And of course linmag will highlight all the positive achievements of LA
in the future :)


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