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Tue Apr 3 04:05:46 UTC 2007

Distribution-neutral, verifying knowledge on any standard Linux system".

Thus, to specialise in a particular distribution, appears to me, to be 
inconsistent with the assertion of being "vendor neutral". Notsomuch a 
criticism, as an observation.

Regarding the support for LPI from distributions, I note that, from the 
LPI home page, the listed "Platinum Sponsors", include Novell (SUSE), 
and TurboLinux, and the "Silver Sponsors" include Mandriva. So, some of 
the commercial distributions, support LPI.

On the web page at , the Objectives 
of exam 101, include distribution-specific material - package management 
for Red Hat and for Debian ; "1.102.5 Use Debian package management", 
and "1.102.6 Use Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)". My understanding is 
that these are not the only two distribution-specific package management 
systems, with, for example, SUSE using YAST (if that is the correct 

So, distribution-specific material already exists in the LPI 101 exam, 
with the material limited to two of the distributions.

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