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Tue Apr 3 04:05:46 UTC 2007

without disavowing the philosiphies behind Open Source development.

Comments ?


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On 12/12/05, Paul Coldrey &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:paul at">paul at e=</a>&gt; wrote:<br>&gt; I think this is the answer. Every mont=
h or two some journalist who has<br>&gt; heard of Open Source decides to wr=
ite an article in a major paper or
<br>&gt; magazine. A couple of years ago these articles tended to be comple=
tely<br>&gt; uninformed shite. Nowadays they seem to be becoming ever-so-sl=
ightly<br>&gt; more informed version of shite. If we could find a way to ge=
t a few more
<br>&gt; of the salient advantages of Linux / Open Source into these articl=
es<br>&gt; (hopefully at the expense of some reworded M$ marketing drivel) =
then I<br>&gt; think it would reach a much larger audience and be far more =
<br>&gt; that late night TV advertising. Plus it would be free which fits i=
n with<br>&gt; the LA marketing budget :-)<br><br>You really can't trust jo=
urnalists to do this. These articles will say<br>some of the linux advantag=
es (free ads for us) then say some of
<br>Windows' benefits (what we don't really want).<br><br>_________________=
Must disagree here.&nbsp; <br>
A properly managed&nbsp; PR campaign will negate the risk of a journo doing=
 what you don't want them to do......<br>
(....and before anyone flames on that, note the use of the word MANAGE. It =
does not equal MANIPULATE.)<br>
In any event, I think the ctte formed to handle the press will know
what to do looking forward to their reports in the coming
After absorbing the comments on LA income of the last couple of weeks, I wo=
uld like to throw up an <span style=3D"font-weight: bold;">alternative inco=
me idea</span>.......but first, a story:<br>
- Placing my Business Managers Hat on...and throwing away the propeller cap=
- I am looking out at my 50 user enviroment and am wondering whether or
not this Linux and Open Source nonsense could help me in the years
ahead....and I wonder if there is anything that I could use NOW!.... I
need ideas and I need strategy advice....even though I can't articulate
those exact questions....<br>
- I know that I need to find someone that really knows this stuff.
Someone I can trust to come up with a valuable and worthwile business
solution, someone who is not a &quot;fly by nighter&quot;...where shall I l=
- Fire up Firefox (am glad I took that one on board at the start of
2005, I haven't had to worry about all those damn IE bugs...)<br>
- Google search...I am in Australia so the first one I will try will be 2 w=
ords...&quot;Linux&quot; &quot;Australia&quot;<br>
- Lo and behold, LAs website turns up number 1....(and has done for some ye=
- I read the front page...looks like these guys know what they are about.(*=
-...Hmm can't seem to find if they know of any great Linux and FOSS
practitioners....but after a couple of clicks, I find that the link
&quot;Linux in Australia&quot; gets me to a page that has another link for =
- I click on that and notice that there are many..... but which is best?<br=
I can gaurantee you that that happens EVERY day and it is accelerating.
I have been involved with many businesses since 2000 that have many
times gained leads directly from the LA site vendor listing.<br>
The points I want to make here are:<br>
Business is SCREAMING for <span style=3D"font-weight: bold; font-style: ita=
lic;">professional</span> support of FOSS and Linux.<br>
By virtue of it's name, Linux Australia holds a unique position in the sear=
ch ranks that would be envied by all and sundry.<br>
Why not leverage this by charging for advertisng Linux Services on the LA s=
ite....instead of giving them away?<br>
Yes, LA is not for profit, but my feeling is that if businesses are
gaining leads from the LA website then they should assist LA to keep
the thing improve it. <br>
If it is improved the right way, businesses will gain more leads...LA
more income....businesses more leads....LA more income.....The
(nauseous) &quot;marketing&quot; state of&nbsp; &quot;win-win&quot; may wel=
l be possible to
achieve here....<br>
Whilst orgs like OSIA have been formed to start fulfilling this role,
they simply don't have the entry point in search engines like LA
does....there would be opportunities for referrals though!<br>
It's all in the name...<br>
<span style=3D"font-style: italic;">Why not implement a paid for
advertising solution for businesses that want to tout their FOSS and
Linux wares? Keep the old table, but start another page that is linked
DIRECTLY to the front page, and provide more space for businesses to do
a better job with their advertising. </span><br style=3D"font-style: italic=
In short, leverage the name and the ranking in Google that LA has, in
order to provide a PAID for Advertising service to those businesses
that want to participate. The ranking alone would make it a much sought
after service. <br>

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