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Tue Apr 3 04:05:46 UTC 2007
Senator CONROY=E2=80=94I am not sure who drew the short straw and had to re=
all of the transcripts of our other Senate committee hearings on this,
but this is of concern to the open source industry in particular. They
argue that the FTA will enable large US companies to acquire
proprietary rights over the code, thereby making open source systems
illegal. Does the FTA pose a threat to Australia's open source
industries? If you have had a chance to read the Hansard on this, can
you give us a response?

Mr Cordina=E2=80=94There is a patents and a copyright issue in relation to =
open source.

Ms Harmer=E2=80=94I may be incorrect, but I think the concern about the
proprietary rights in relation to things actually relates to a concern
about patents and the open source software industry having a concern
that the FTA will allow the granting of software patents where they
have not previously been able to be granted in Australia.


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