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Tue Apr 3 04:05:46 UTC 2007

    Rekall is a programable, cross-platform alternative to
    Microsoft Access. With Rekall you can design data input
    forms, and reports, create database tables, design
    queries with the visual query builder, import/export
    table structure and data. Included with Rekall is a
    Python editor and debugger, macro builder and debugger,
    re-useable components, wizards, and lots more. Rekall
    ships with database drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and
    xBase. There are also additional database drivers for
    ODBC, DB2 and Oracle (Windows only at the moment).

30 day "installation" support is 25 pounds sterling (roughly AUD$60), a 
year's support is 75 PS ($80).

I think this is an important addition to our software quiver and 
deserves our support. They've even gone to the trouble of packaging it 
up a dozen different ways to accomodate the various distros.

Cheers; Leon

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