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Tue Apr 3 04:05:46 UTC 2007

up on our website later tonight. I was not there because... Well, it had
nothing to do with alcohol and the bad influence of friends the evening
before. :)

> As for Perth:, and my personal pics 
> at We had around 100 people on 
> the day, not sure the number of installs. One person from Hong Kong passing 
> though on holiday dropped in (yes, on purpose, he wasn't lost). 

ROCK! The PLUG website is looking groovy these days too, btw. :)


How about we aim for a national, summer installfest mid-to-late January?

  [ I think we need to come up with a cooler name than installfest though.
  ;) The Australian reporter I spoke to suggested this too. We ought to go
  for something that sounds a little more welcoming to non-Linux users, and
  less installation-oriented... We do so many other things at our
  installfests these days. ]

How does the weekend of the 19th sound?

- Jeff

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