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[Linux-aus] [Fwd: [sfd-sa] Blender Expert for SFD2006 HCBC]

Hi all

Andy Murray has got this guy to come to the Software Freedom Day event
tomorrow at Hallett Cove Baptist Church.

Hope to see lots of you there.

Robyn Manning

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Subject: [sfd-sa] Blender Expert for SFD2006 HCBC
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 07:37:17 +0930

Hi Everyone,

I have been talking to Lee Salvemini (Lee Cocks) who was one of the Lead 
Artists for the world's first open movie "Elephants Dream" and he will 
be coming up on SFD to HCBC to talk about the movie and open source to 
all who are interested.

All his artwork was done on a Ubuntu computer with Blender being the 
main software used, as well as Gimp.
The movie was produced on both Linux and Mac machines.

He has been to San Diego to meet and worked with Tom (developer and code 
writer for Blender).  Made the movie in Holland, currently doing 
commercials for Val Morgan and next month is off to Bollywood (India) 
to work on his next project - he is 20, and had a fairly busy life so far :D

I will be running the movie tomorrow - probably in the computer room, as 
too much sound could be awkward for everyone else.

The movie and all the code is Open Source and everyone is free to use 
any of the developers work for your own projects - home use and commercial.

He has kindly allowed me to copy all his source code and make it 
available for anyone who may be interested - the DVD sells in Europe for 
Eu:$35.00 and you can download of the net, but that is all low resolution.