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[Linux-aus] Software Freedom on Triple J

Hey all,

Software Freedom Day will be covered on tomorrows (Friday) Triple J HACK
show at 5:30pm. We have about 6 mins, and I haven't heard the final cut. It
went really well and we covered a lot of ground :) I focused on Software
Freedom as being about transparent and sustainable technologies underpinning
our everyday lives. I think it went really well :)

You'll be able to get the podcast from:


I also did an interview for the CyberShack Radio show which will be aired
next week. Too late for SFD, but to a great audience. They have asked me to
come back on a semi-regular basis and conisdering their audience is power
users, gamers, & technologists, it is a great chance to get FOSS in front of
people who can really enjoy and get passionate about it :)


I'm hoping to get them excited about it enough to do a TV special at
linux.conf.au, but I'll see how we go :)



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