[Linux-aus] Interview with Mark Lloyd from ACS on compulsory accreditation

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Sat Sep 30 09:21:03 UTC 2006

James Purser wrote:

> Do private certifications have to go through the same process? As I
> understand it, Microsofts MCSE certification is recognised by ACS while
> Redhats RHCE certification isn't.

I wouldnt put it in those terms James, I suspect no-one has asked that 
Redhat quals be recognised yet.  I assume that if Redhat asked for that 
or if sufficient RedHat certified people asked for it, it would be done.

There isnt any conspiracy in ACS against FOSS its just not that visible 
to members.  This will change over time as we know.

There's absolutely no reason why Redhat should not approach ACS to have 
their certifications accepted at the associate level particularly since 
as a member I get the following Redhat benefit:

Discount on Red Hat Enterprise Linux training
The Australian Computer Society is pleased to announce that a 
partnership has been formed with Red Hat to offer members discounted Red 
Hat Enterprise Linux training. ACS members will receive a 16% discount, 
the highest discount offered by Red Hat on its training.

Linux server shipments have been continuing to increase, and skilled 
people are in demand. As Red Hat is the leading Linux distribution, its 
Linux certifications have become the defacto industry standard, 
regularly rating highly in surveys and training comparisons.

To determine which Red Hat training course will best meet your needs, go 
to https://www.apac.redhat.com/training to conduct a pre-assessment. You 
can then register for training at the same address and should quote 
RHACS, together with your ACS membership number in the Special Offer 
Code Field, to redeem the discount.

Red Hat training courses are held throughout Australia in all capital 
cities. This partnership provides an outstanding benefit for our members 
and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the discounted training.


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