[Linux-aus] Linux Australia member services

Benno benjl at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Sep 29 09:42:01 UTC 2006

On Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 01:16:28 +1000, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:
>On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 08:31:30PM +0930, Tim Ansell wrote:
>> On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 18:13 +1000, James Purser wrote:
>>> On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 09:44 +1000, Peter Miller wrote:
>> >> Does Linux Australia provide member services?
>> >> 
>> >> In the maelstrom around the AUUG discussions, it was mentioned that
>> >> Linux Australia owns the opensource.org.au domain.
>> >> 
>> >> Is it possible for me to obtain
>> >> - a pmiller at opensource.org.au email address?
>> >> - a miller.opensource.org.au domain delegation for my own use? 
>> >> 
>> >> These are services for which I would happily pay real money.  Basically,
>> >> this is in large part the value I see in my AUUG membership fees.
>>> Okay lets run with this. If LA was to provide services to members in
>>> return for fees (and there is nothing, not even a suggestion of a hint
>>> of a clue that we are going to do this), what would the members see as
>>> something that LA could do for them?
>>> As I have already stated this is a run up the flagpole exercise, off my
>>> own bat without any input from the ctte or anyone else. I'm on my own
>>> here :)
>> Currently as a student, any fees to be part of a LA would be a major
>> disincentive.
>Given the strong level of poor student involvement (I consider myself a
>rather well-paid poor student, so you know which side of any theoretical
>debate we may or may not have on this topic) I would expect that we're
>talking about service fees, not membership fees... I would strongly
>oppose a have/have-not^w tiering system of membership.

I would *like* to be able to give LA money for services. I think a
services fee is a good idea! I like the OP's idea of
<name>.opensource.org.au and <name>@opensource.org.au, I'd like to
pay for that, even if, *especially if* it meant a profit for LA.

I really think it shouldn't be called "professional membership" or
anything that creates some kind of two-tier system.


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