[Linux-aus] Conference Idea

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Tue Sep 19 10:35:03 UTC 2006

<quote who="Karin Purser">

> If each state ran a one day conference on SFD or any other nominated day
> in the year

We should definitely put SFD high on the agenda for Linux Australia and
OSIA, and encourage massive outreach throughout the country -- that's what
SFD is all about. I think this year has been the most successful year to
date, with some really clever events around the country. Australia is one of
the strongest countries represented in SFD, so we can definitely do it. A
well co-ordinated effort, led by LA and OSIA, would be awesome. I liken it
to the "national installfest" concept and implementation we had a few years
back, but with a tougher philosophical angle and up-to-date approach.

SFD happens to be timed very well for build-up towards linux.conf.au. :-)

- Jeff

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