[Linux-aus] Goodbye AUUG, hello phoenix digital.linux.org.au version=3.0.3-la1

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Fri Sep 15 21:23:04 UTC 2006

<quote who="Andrew Cowie">

> Personally, I've always accepted the de-facto state in the market that
> "Linux" is a code word that means "the software libré and open source
> software phenomenon" so, if it were me, I'd leave the conference brand
> name alone for the simple fact that it has such great recognition amongst
> the community whose enthusiasm we have, to this date, worked to promote.

Except the majority of the projects and people at the conference who are not
represented by the word "Linux", and the entirely related communities of
projects and people who are de-facto excluded from the conference because
they don't think it's relevant to them (and vice versa). Oh, and when I say,
"people and projects", I also mean "companies". Without going into details
at this stage, I will point out that I've been doing the sponsor relations
stuff for linux.conf.au this year. It's not all rosy.

>         Open Source Community Australia
> complementing
>         Open Source Industry Australia
> so good show to whoever originally had that idea.

That was Pia. Pretty much everyone else around #slug was quite distraught at
the idea of calling the organisation "OSCA" for reasons known mostly to SLUG
denizens. *cough*

But it's a cool name.

- Jeff

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