[Linux-aus] Article in BRW: Free Software Threat

Donna Benjamin donna at mel8ourne.org
Mon Sep 4 15:16:01 UTC 2006

Printed in BRW Issue August 31 2006, Page 18.

Free Software Threat
Legislation being drafted by the federal Attorney General's department
could threaten the legality of open-source software, forcing companies
to start paying millions of dollars for licensed that they currently get

The new laws could drive up technology costs for Australian companies
and add to the $20 billion information and communications technology
trade deficit.

Use of open-source software, which is distributed under public licence
(unprotected by copyright laws), is growing worldwide.

Linux, the open-source operating system for servers is one example.
Research group IDC predicts that 29% of servers in 2008 will ship will
be shipped with Linux. An estimated one million copies of
OpenOffice.org, a free alternative to Microsoft Office, have been
downloaded on Australia's 10 million PCs.

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