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Tim Ansell mithro at mithis.net
Wed Nov 22 18:06:03 UTC 2006


Everyone else posting CFP's made me realise I hadn't posted the OSS
Gaming CFP here. So here it is!

If anyone knows of cool OSS gaming projects or professional game
developers, please send me their details or put me in contact with them.

Thanks for your help!

Tim Ansell

= OSGAGD Miniconf =
== Call for Participation ==

=== A bit about the Miniconf ===

This Open Source Gaming and Game Development Miniconf aims to promote
FOSS Gaming and Game Development. It hopes to show that there is a
large, viable and active community.

The Miniconf also aims to bring game developers together with other FOSS
developers to further increase the cooperation. There will be a specific
focus on game developers getting together with both the FOSS media
development community and the FOSS embedded hardware community.

Like LCA in general, the Miniconf aims to be FUN! 
Demonstrations of (embarrassing for the participants) FOSS games will be
occurring. Hopefully, Some kernel hacker mojo going on with pyDance! 

The Miniconf will run for the complete day of '''Tuesday, January
16th''' (which is the second day of the LCA conference). It will also be
participating in the LCA Open Day.

=== So how can I participate? Give a talk ===
Give a talk at the Miniconf is one of the best way to participate. Talks
allow you to tell the rest of the conference about all the cool things
you have been doing.

The Miniconf is specially looking for talks on the following topics;
 * FOSS being used in commercial computer games
 * FOSS game tool kits (such as pyGame, Ogre3d, ODE, etc)
 * FOSS media development
 * Playing games on FOSS platforms

Talk can be either 15 minutes with 5 minutes Q&A session or 30 minutes
with 10 minutes Q&A session. 

The last talk session of the Miniconf will 5 minute "lightening talks"
which will allow anyone on the day to give a quick 5 minute talk.

=== So how else can I participate? Bring some hardware ===
At the Linux.conf.au 2007 Open Day (http://lca2007.linux.org.au/OpenDay)
the Miniconf the will be hosting a stand to demonstrate successful and
fun Open Source games to the public.

To do this we need hardware. If you or anyone you know is willing to
loan hardware for this event, could you please contact me. 

We are specially looking for the following hardware:
 * DDR Mats compatible with PC Converters
 * PCs with working Linux 3D drivers
 * Xbox's which run Linux
 * Handheld consoles with "Homebrew" Open Source software
 * Large monitors or TV screens

The Open Day is on Thursday the '''18th January''' from 2pm till 8:30pm.
Hardware would need to be available for the complete time and delivered
earlier that day.

We will try our best to make sure no damage occurs to your hardware, but
please note we won't be held responsible for any damage which may occur.

=== So how can I participate? Actually come along ===
So you don't have time to make a talk, and your travelling so can't
bring along any cool hardware. 

Another good way is to just come and listen. There would be no point of
the Miniconf if nobody came to it! Don't forget to bring your brain so
you can ask insightful questions and learn lots of cool stuff.

All people attending the Miniconf MUST be registered with Linux.conf.au.

=== So when do I need to do things by? ===
All speakers must submit their submissions before the '''1st of

Speakers who submit before '''10th November''' will be notified by the
12th to allow them to take advantage of the Linux.conf.au 2007's Early
Bird registration. 

Speaker slots will fill up fast so don't leave your submission to the
last moment!

Anyone who wants to just come to the Miniconf needs to register with
Linux.conf.au before they sell out of places! The conference is really
popular so don't leave it too late.

Anyone who can bring hardware, please notify me by the '''1st of January

The Miniconf will run for the complete day of '''Tuesday, January
16th''' (which is the second day of the LCA conference).

=== What else should I know? ===
~+'''All the speakers and participants of the Miniconf must be
registered at Linux.conf.au 2007'''+~. 

The LCA Open Day (http://lca2007.linux.org.au/OpenDay) is open to
everyone! Anyone can just turn up and participate in the fun.

==== About linux.conf.au 2007 ====
linux.conf.au is Australia's annual technical conference for the Open
Source and Free Software developer community. Now in its eighth year,
linux.conf.au is regarded as one of the premier global FLOSS technical
events and attracts many international open source software developers
and users.

Returning to Sydney from the 15th to 20th of January, linux.conf.au 2007
is supported by our Emperor sponsors, HP and IBM, and hosted at the
University of New South Wales. For more information about linux.conf.au
2007 visit our website at: http://lca2007.linux.org.au/

==== About Linux Australia ====
Linux Australia exists to serve and promote the Australian Linux and
Open Source community. The organisation aims to do this best by taking
enthusiasms within the community, such as FOSS issues, projects,
education, advocacy just to name a few, and help them flourish, to
succeed. The lifeblood of this organisation is the people in the
community, and Linux Australia strives to be both relevant and useful to
the community. For more details about Linux Australia visit:

Hope to see you all at there!

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