[Linux-aus] Pressing/Printing CD's in bulk?

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Fri May 26 09:29:02 UTC 2006


<quote who="Terry Dawson">

> Is that right?

Yep :) Basically a guy from that stall offered LA a free system if we wrote
the software to run it from Linux. I hadn't dealt with it yet as I'm still
catching up from CeBIT stuff, but Del seemed to have experience with this,
and I was thinking that Del or someone else could do the work and in return
keep the hardware on their premises with the proviso LA get to use it when
we need it, but with the understanding they get to use it as well. After
all, whoever does the work needs incentives too right :)

What does everyone think about this idea?

> I'm guessing it was from the CD duplication guys up the hall from us a bit.
> I was staring somewhat enviously at their setup there, the kit seems pretty
> cool; little robot arms to retrieve blanks and install them in drives and to
> pick up the burnt ones and stack them to the side. I'm not sure whether it
> did printing though, I only saw burning.

It did printing and burning using custom hardware. It had a robot connected
that moved CDs from the burner to the printer to a spindle. It isn't a CD
press but it would certainly be useful to LA and the community and is
automated enough that doing 1000's of CDs wouldn't be ridiculous.

I'm currently waiting to hear back from Del about his willingness to do
this. It is a good deal for LA, however we need to be realistic in ensuring
whoever does this does a good job. It was encouraging to have an Aussie
company willing to give hardware to the community in order to get it working
on Linux, and we need to ensure we have a way to accomodate such offers when
they make sense.


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