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Tom Cleary tom.cleary at gmail.com
Wed May 24 13:57:02 UTC 2006


Firstly, can I say a hearty thank you to all who have already contributed to
my quest for knowledge and next, a common link seems to be that I didn't
pass on enough detail on why I'm looking, so people are unsure what might be
of interest.

Well, the intention is to assist people who may find themselves on the sharp
end of some developing initiatives which will probably encourage
Organisations to take a longer term view of their IT operation than has
hithero been the case ( How many monitors go on the verge from small/micro
businesses every year? )

I'm doing this for the ACS, purely from a professional/public interest
perspective, as a private citizen, not for profit and observing obligations
both legal and ethical to protect all privacy interests of anyone who
chooses to contribute.

.... Which, is why, incidentally, the Linux community was my first port of
call - 'cos I knew I'd find a ready helping hand.

FYI, I will publish a draft back to the list when I'm ready to submit for
publication, in case anyone is interested.

So, if anyone else feels like passing on any and all information relating to
machine recycling - send it in!   ;-)

Thanks again, in advance,


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