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Hmmmm. Sounds like the DoD has programmes to give out old hardware to 
charity. I wonder if anyone here is interested in asking for donations?


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Defence dumps old IT equipment
Rodney Gedda
19/05/2006 07:54:52

A warehouse full of IT equipment will be sold by the Department of 
Defence this
month as it moves to dispose of ageing computer and network devices.

Up to 200 pallets of PCs, notebooks, monitors, printers, servers, 
and networking equipment is being offered for sale on an "as is, where is"

All the equipment has been classed as "sanitized", meaning all data storage
devices, including hard disk drives, have been removed from devices like PCs
and notebooks. The equipment will not be broken into individual or sub 
lots and
all bids will be for the total of all pallets.

While the department has marked this batch for sale, it is open to 
donating old
IT equipment to charity at no charge. However, charity groups are urged to
apply for such donations through the Defence Minister's office as there are
already separate programs in place.

The batch is not part of Defence's regular IT refresh cycle, which is 
to charity first, according to a Defence spokesperson. Computerworld
understands the department has donated some old IT equipment to schools.

Defence does not know how much the equipment will sell for, but a 
said there is "no bottom line" and will fetch whatever the buyer 
"believes it's

Not-for-profit IT charity group Reverse Garbage's operations manager Tony
Domanski said the organization is happy to accept any type of computer 
whatever the condition, because it has a sufficient amount of spare parts to
return equipment to a functioning state.

"We work with families that don't receive any charity and offer them 
computers," Domanski said, adding most systems sell for less than $50.

Reverse Garbage is a not-for-profit organization that works with 
charities to
resell equipment, so whatever money is made from computer sales is split
between the two parties.

"I like to see a kid walk away from here with a bundle," Domanski said. 
also using open source products like Ubuntu Linux and Sun's Solaris that 
infringe any copyright issues."

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