[Linux-aus] Recycling efforts in Australia....

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Fri May 19 06:38:02 UTC 2006

Tom Cleary wrote:
> Friends,
> I need to know as much as possible about Computer recycling initiatives in
> Australia.
> Being based in Perth, I'm aware of the valuable work done in this space by
> Computer Angels ( take a bow Harry, Jaqueline and Co. ;-) and will probably
> be able to network enough detail on other initiatives locally.
> But everywhere else I'm lost.
> Help, please?
> Anything people can pass on - names, addresses, urls, contacts, mates of
> mates relating to more Easterly Australia off or on-list appreciated.
> Thanking you in advance,
> tom.
if you look at the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher Scheme 
you'll find most schemes operating in Australia, add that to the 
ComputerBank/computer angels/itshare/bettong open source groups around 
australia and you've almost got it covered apart from the government 
schemes which operate in sa (and probably other states) and federally.


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