[Linux-aus] Format shifting ruled legal

Kimberlee Weatherall k.weatherall at unimelb.edu.au
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Yes, there's quite a lot more to it.  More detailed information on the AG's
website (http://www.ag.gov.au/agd/www/ministerruddockhome.nsf).  I've
commented on my blog: http://weatherall.blogspot.com.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Kim Weatherall 

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On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 02:46:26PM EST, Chris McCormick wrote:
> Hello,
> Contratulations to everyone who lobbied for this.
> <http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/music-to-the-ears/2006/05/13/1
> 146940775897.html>

I haven't read the Age article, but SMH has an article on this as well, and
there seems to be more to it, particularly to do with copying DVDs onto
portable video devices like IPod video, which is still illegal.

The smh article is here:
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