[Linux-aus] Open source training at the Marree Rural Transaction Centre - corrected.

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Tue May 9 22:47:04 UTC 2006

Greetings folks

Apologies for the repost.
I needed to correct the open source bit which was not accurate.
I am happy to send a more technical report to people who would like more 
of the software specifics. This version is largely tailored for non 
Linux folk. Hope it is of interest/use.


Open source training at the Marree Rural Transaction Centre

Penny Dadleh, Lizzie Khan, Dorothy Bremert, Colleen Roberts and Roylene 
Warren of Marree and Colin Wilkinson of Copley all participated in 
training at the Marree Rural Transaction Centre last week.

Bettong.org trainers Robyn Manning, Karl Goetz and Janet Hawtin used the 
Ubuntu Linux distribution on Live CDs to work through the INGOTs 
international grades for office technology. Karl Goetz also provided an 
introduction to computer networking for Colin who is aiming to return to 
Copley to help with a Linux network in development there.

Bronze Ingots were awarded to Penny Dadleh, Colleen Roberts, Roylene 
Warren, Colin Wilkinson, and also to Karl Goetz and Janet Hawtin. Bronze 
Assessor was awarded to Janet Hawtin. A Silver Ingot award was awarded 
to Penny Dadleh, who was also awarded a Silver Assessor.

"Everyone put in a great effort, especially Penny who has covered a lot 
of material during the week. It is great for Marree that Penny is now an 
Assessor. This will make it possible for those people who have started 
their courses to continue with them and will enable other people in 
Marree to try the same course." said Janet

ITShare forms were left for people to complete in order to apply as a 
recipient of a refurbished computer. Robyn provided forms for both 
organisations and individuals to make an application.

Robyn also installed two Ubuntu dual boot computers. Now it is possible 
to try Linux on the Marree RTC network. There are also a number of 
Ubuntu CD's both live and install CD's at the Marree RTC for people to 
take home.

Janet explained that "The great thing about open source software is that 
the software is intended to be shared. This makes it possible for 
ITShare to distribute computers with free software on. It also makes it 
possible for the Bettong.org group to share the software they work with.
People are able to burn copies of the software and give them to friends. 
The software is developed by community members and provided to everyone, 
  free of charge, to use, share and improve."

The Bettong.org group heard about the Marree RTC from Noven divi Flamen 
who has been maintaining the Marree RTC network. "The network is a very 
tidy and well maintained system and a credit to both Noven and Penny."
said Karl. "Noven has also been involved in the network at Copley and is 
soon to leave for Indonesia to establish a Linux network for a large not 
for profit organisation. We wish him all the best!"

The trip to Marree was made possible by the SA ACE funding program which 
enables not for profit organisations to provide training to the 
community sector. The Bettong team was very happy to have had the 
opportunity deliver training in Marree. The Transaction Centre is an 
excellent facility and we hope that other organisations are able to 
bring their training and projects to this friendly town.

Marree Rural Transaction Centre (08) 8675 8222 outback.marree at bigpond.com
INGOTS:     http://www.theingots.org/www/content.php
Ubuntu:     http://www.ubuntu.com/
SA ACE     http://www.training.sa.gov.au/OVETstudents/pages/default/fundace
Bettong.org    http://www.bettong.org
ITShare:     http://www.itshare.org.au

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