[Linux-aus] Grant Request From Sokar Phillpot some answers

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Thu May 4 19:44:01 UTC 2006

What an awesome project -- this is definitely newsworthy, I think!
"Open source helps community where proprietary software can't go?" :-)
(can't go because it can't run effectively on that hardware with good 
performance and maintainability :-)


On 04/05/2006, at 1:50 PM, Sokar Phillpot wrote:

> Dear All
> 1) Cost
> originally I was told $20 per computer so I budgetted about $4000
> figured that if you guys put up the $2k I could get another $2k from 
> elsewhere
> But if it is less than that great.
> 2) Freight - being handled by others not linux or it share that is the 
> Aboriginal network
> will handle this....
> 3) Rooms for these labs are already set up and secure with wiring etc
> 4) May need to purchase hubs or similar to network things
> 3) The whole point  going up there to set things up is to then work 
> out the support plan and
> inshallah training plan when we get there  that meets the community 
> needs and is appropriate
> To do this we get various stakeholders together and discuss ... not on 
> line ,at the time we put the lab
> in then we designate various people to keep an eye on it.  Usually it 
> is me as I visit these places the most often
> but any linux or techs who are around usually get some sort of crash 
> course .  For example I reloaded 4 old computers
> in Yuelamu last year put them in a small training room and now the 
> computers are being used non stop. They love ubuntu, easy to uwse  
> easy to maintain.
> once these guys finish building the new training centre ( read 
> slightly bigger room with air con) we want to look at adding to the 
> lab.  The computers
> we put unbuntu on were ancient but the surf the web and do everything 
> just fine.
> anything else people
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