[Linux-aus] Grant Request From Sokar Phillpot some answers

Sokar Phillpot sokar at r3.net.au
Thu May 4 12:16:02 UTC 2006

Dear All

1) Cost
originally I was told $20 per computer so I budgetted about $4000
figured that if you guys put up the $2k I could get another $2k from 
But if it is less than that great.

2) Freight - being handled by others not linux or it share that is the 
Aboriginal network
will handle this....

3) Rooms for these labs are already set up and secure with wiring etc

4) May need to purchase hubs or similar to network things

3) The whole point  going up there to set things up is to then work out 
the support plan and
inshallah training plan when we get there  that meets the community 
needs and is appropriate
To do this we get various stakeholders together and discuss ... not on 
line ,at the time we put the lab
in then we designate various people to keep an eye on it.  Usually it 
is me as I visit these places the most often
but any linux or techs who are around usually get some sort of crash 
course .  For example I reloaded 4 old computers
in Yuelamu last year put them in a small training room and now the 
computers are being used non stop. They love ubuntu, easy to uwse  easy 
to maintain.

once these guys finish building the new training centre ( read slightly 
bigger room with air con) we want to look at adding to the lab.  The 
we put unbuntu on were ancient but the surf the web and do everything 
just fine.

anything else people

RRR Brisbane
Phone: 61 07 38690589
Mobile : 0422861544
email : sokar at r3.net.au

"The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change 
everything -- or nothing." - Copy to Clipboard
   --  Lady Nancy Astor

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