[Linux-aus] Panel session at CeBIT - Open Source underpins Aussie innovation

Pia Waugh pia at linux.org.au
Thu May 4 10:49:02 UTC 2006

Hi all,

There is going to be two panel sessions about Open Source at CeBIT. The
first has Jon Oxer, Con Zymaris and David Perdue at 1pm on Wednesday the

The second panel session is being run by Linux Australia about how Open
Source underpins Aussie innovation. This is timed to be part of the
Innovation Festival (http://www.ausinnovation.org/) and the event is
registered as part of that event. We are basically getting some leading
researchers, business people and a journalist to comment about why they
think Open Source is so important to their work and to Australian
organisations focused on innovating.

Yes, the word innovation is wanky, but we are working with a theme here
people! :)

The panelists are:

- Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, leading researcher and software developer CSIRO
- Bruno Mattarollo, CTO Rising Sun Pictures
- Gernot Heiser, leading researcher and software developer NICTA
- Brett Hooker, Director Sauce Software
- Professor James Dalziel, Chief Investigator Australian Open Source
  information service
- Matt Overington, journo at BuilderAU

Each panelist has 10 mins to talk about their thoughts, then we'll have open
discussion till 4:30.

The innovation & OSS panel will be on Thursday the 11th from 3:00pm till
4:30pm at Stand P1 at the front of Hall 4. Feel free to visit us at the
Linux Australia stand beforehand to say hi and join in the fun :)

Both panel sessions are free and we hope that they help educate people about
how important Open Source is in yet another way. By running such a panel at
CeBIT we hope to get to a wide audience. If you have a boss, workmate or
friend who you are trying to convince about Open Source, bring them along to
this panel and they'll hopefully start to see that it isn't just you :)


Please pass on the information to any mailing lists or people you think
might be interested :)


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