[Committee] [Linux-aus] Grant Request From Sokar Phillpot

Jennifairy jennifairy at internode.on.net
Wed May 3 11:17:01 UTC 2006

Karl Goetz wrote:

>Jonathan Oxer wrote:
>>Hi Sokar,
>Hi all.
>>>Project Name: BLACK STUMP FOSS
>>>$2000 to purchase 20 laptops from ITShare SA Inc -=20
>>This looks like a very cool project, but I just have a couple of questions.
>>* The requested amount equates to $100 per laptop, but ITShare list a
>>price of $330 per laptop on their site.  Is the amount correct? Are
>>ITShare providing discounted hardware to help support the project?
>I haven't heard of the project, but I might be out of the loop if its a 
>recent thing. I'm ccing to the ITShare committee list to see what 
>responses I can get.
>>* Could you please tell us a little more about the group that intends
>>to run this project and what other resources you have? Do you have a
>>team of volunteers from Bundaberg LUG all lined up and venues
>>Cheers   :-)
Hi, Jennifairy here, Im the laptop project coordinator for ITShare.
I have had some discussion over the last few months with Sokar re 
getting some laptops from ITShare for the projects in the communities up 
The laptops we had for sale are now all sold, until we receive the next 
delivery (we have no idea when).
I have asked Sokar to forward a completed application form to me, so 
that we can process this asap. I havent yet received anything.
Currently, eligible applicants (which this project would fulfill 
beautifully) are asked to pay a $10 application fee (forwarded with the 
application - & regardless of how many you are asking for), + $10 per 
machine on pick-up. 20 laptops = $210. Spec on these laptops vary 
slightly - if you want 20 of the same model, that can be done, they may 
have different RAM & Hdd sizes, but we can try to ensure they are 
'generic' if that is what is wanted. Baseline spec is something like - 
700-1000Mhz PIII CPU; 8-30Gb Hdd; 256-384Mb RAM. They are Compaq Armada 
E500's, if you want to look them up. They will come with 2 part docking 
stations, power cables & bags, & they will be installed with Ubuntu Breezy.
We are in Adelaide, if they need to be elsewhere (ie Brisbane), 
transport will need to be arranged. Let us know if thats an issue, we 
may be able to source something. 20 laptops with docking stations, bags 
etc looks like, um around about 2 cubic metres (we just sent exactly 
this off to Goroka). Maybe 1.5.
We would love to help out, just waiting for the application form!


Jennifairy Gillett RM

Midwife in Private Practice

Women’s Health Teaching Associate

ITShare volunteer – Santos Project Co-ordinator
ITShare SA Inc - http://itshare.org.au/
ITShare SA provides computer systems to individuals & groups, created 
from donated hardware and opensource software

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