[Linux-aus] Re: Grant Request From Sokar Phillpot

Matt Palmer matt at solutionsfirst.com.au
Wed May 3 09:29:02 UTC 2006

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 08:42:00PM +1000, James Purser wrote:
> Date: APRIL 27 2006
> Project Name: BLACK STUMP FOSS
> Aim of Project: to open two FOSS  labs
> one in Bundaberg
> one in Worrabinda

Do you have space organised to set up these labs?  Presuming you're going to
have 10 machines per location, you can't exactly run that in someone's shed.

> for community and training use

Can you expand on this a little?

> The Bundaberg Linux group will provide support in terms of training,=20
> networking and installation

What actual commitments have you gotten from people in this regard?

> Person Responsible for Request: Sokar Phillpot
> Request:
> $2000 to purchase 20 laptops from ITShare SA Inc -=20
> http://itshare.org.au/

There's a post on the ITShare website stating that the starting price for
laptops is $330 -- have you gotten some sort of special deal with ITShare?

Why laptops?  They're theft-prone, the old ones typically have fairly poor
screens, and their price/performance is typically far worse than desktops.

- Matt

I seem to have my life in reverse. When I was a wee'un, it seemed perfectly
normal that one could pick up the phone and speak to anybody else in the
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