[Linux-aus] Trademarks for use with GPL

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Thu Mar 16 13:32:02 UTC 2006


There was some discussion about trademarks in Dunedin.

I was wondering if the FOSS community could propose a new type of
trademark specifically for distribution with GPL products.

Trademark TM - the version of your product's trademark for standard use.
Trademark GPL - the specific version of your trademark for distribution
of your x using a GPL license.
Trademark GPL Based - the version of your logo for x based but further
modded things being distributed using GPL.

Would it be possible to make this different *type* of mark so that
people do not have trouble with defending trademarks because they are
used in a gpl fashion? There is still a specified appropriate use, it is
just not the standard proprietory flavour, the mark and the appropriate
use can be prestated and commonly understood.

Just a thought


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