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Apologies for the cross-post of this update.

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G'day All,

I have just spoken to Lucy and she thanks all of you for your kind thoughts and best 
wishes. In talking to Leon, she mentions all of your names, (which I compile as I receive 
e-mails and forward through everyday).

Leon still remains sedated, but the swelling is subsiding, which is a good sign. Lucy is 
duplicating what the physio does, so Leon is getting twice as much exercise and workout as 
someone in this condition would normally get.

It now appears that it may be up to 4 months before a clearer picture emerges of Leon's 
condition. After this time, he could be in rehab for up to two years.

Things are not changing as rapidly as earlier this week, so the updates will continue, but 
not as frequently. If you still wish periodic messages to get through to Lucy, please feel 
free to send them to me and I will forward them through.

Thanks to everyone on behalf of Lucy.


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