[Linux-aus] Re: IRC Network for Linux Australia

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at hezmatt.org
Tue Jun 27 07:45:02 UTC 2006

On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 09:44:03PM +0200, Peter Lieverdink wrote:
> James Purser wrote:
> >For those of you who may not know, we have been operating an IRC channel
> >on the Freenode network for Linux Australia. Given the recent issues
> >freenode has been experiencing (cracks and such) as well as the fact
> >that Linux Australia actually runs a node on the OFTC IRC network (a
> >fact only rediscovered a few months back) it has been suggested that we
> >move the channel to OFTC.
> >
> >I would like to hear comments before we make a decision, do you feel
> >that we should stick with Freenode? Or should we follow projects such as
> >Debian and move to OFTC?
> As I understand it, #debian actually runs on OFTC and Freenode 
> simultaneously at the moment.

My understanding (limited as it is) is that irc://freenode/#debian is
basically little more than a relic channel -- it's not the official hangout
any more, but it still exists to point people at the "proper" place.  Of
course, plenty of people probably still hang out there, either through
simple inertia or perverse pleasure, but AFAIK if you start screaming about
how nobody helped you on #debian on Freenode, you'll just get quietly
giggled at and told to go to #debian on OFTC.

- Matt

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hint that maybe you suck.
		-- Andrew Suffield, debian-devel

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