[Linux-aus] Australian Digital Civil Rights Quiz

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This sounds like a SCADA (System Control and Data Acquisition) system, and
to highlight that the implementation and upgrade of these will break DRM
would wake some people up. Everyone, from Sydney Water, to Foxtel, Southern
Cross Ten, and even Telstra and ABC uses SCADA, and if they can't upgrade
them without breaking DRM, they are kinda stuck.

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Looking for a good secondary or primary industry example of DRM.

What about something which is more systemic.

Flow systems used in mining, water, power, paper, industry.
Local businesses could develop software for these purposes tailored to
our local climate, substances, purposes.
Any software which could be developed for manufacturing plant or
equipment or large process environments would very likely interface with
   other digital applications which could be made inacessible by DRM.

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