[Linux-aus] Call for contacts of CIOs of australian companies using FOSS

Rusty Russell rusty at linux.org.au
Thu Jun 15 13:38:03 UTC 2006

Hi all,

	In addition to our petition and promotion efforts, we need to reach out
to the CIOs of large companies and get letters of support.  I know many
of our members work for large organisations which use OSS, or have
friends who do.  The CIOs are likely to understand the competitive
threat to OSS, and opportunities they enjoy because of OSS's success in
Australia: more skilled people, more quality infrastructure, less cost.
On the other hand, bad law means legal threats, less choice, more cost,
and an end to the competition we're just starting to enjoy.

I'm happy to chase these people up, but I need a list of people to call
and meet.  Places that rely on interoperable products, such as SAMBA, or
are looking at OSS desktops (and presumably want fully-featured ones)
are ideal.  Non-geek companies are even better.

Please send me (privately) contact details of CIOs you think it might be
worth me contacting.  These are people to whom the government will

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