[Linux-aus] Live Q&A Anti-circumvention session with Rusty Russell - This Friday night!

Pia Waugh pia at linux.org.au
Tue Jun 13 12:47:01 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Rusty Russell is going to have a live Q&A session about anti-circumvention
issues in Australia, and how it impacts the Australian FOSS community. James
Purser will be running the show, interviewing Rusty and taking questions
from you, the live audience real-time via IRC. This will be live on Friday
night 8:30pm Sydney time and the web streaming location will be posted in
the #linux-aus IRC channel on irc.freenode.net from earlier that day. Please
post your questions there too during the session for James to ask Rusty and
have your questions answered. The stream will also be posted on the LA site
after the event for others to catch it, however make sure you come to the
live session to get your questions in and find out how anti-circumvention
issues in Australia affect YOU.

The event will include a short presentation by Rusty followed by questions
from you received on the IRC channel above.

Rusty has been working very hard to educate our politicians, our policy
makers, our community and our businesses about anti-circumvention, patents,
and other IP issues. He is always a fantastic speaker and will no doubt be
excellent to listen to and speak with. I strongly urge the entire community
to take advantage of this opportunity to find out about this important
issue. Rusty can be a hard person to catch :)

On a related note, Linux Australia has a petition up for LUGs to take along
to meetings to get signatures. We need to draw Government awareness to
anti-circumvention issues and how they can impact freedom of competition,
and the freedom of consumers to use their own legally purchased products.
Read up on this issue and others at http://www.linux.org.au/law/ Print
out the petition and take it along to your FOSS usergroups, to your SIGs, to
your IT orgs, your work, your family and friends. This issue affects
everyone, not just geeks, so lets show a great community effort and get as
many signatures as we can. We literally need thousands to be taken even
vaguely seriously by the Government, so if we all put in an effort, we will
make a difference, and avoid the further monopolisation of the market which
hurts consumers, and hurts Free Software.


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