[Linux-aus] MEL8OURNE2008 - our bid for LCA

Donna Benjamin donna at mel8ourne.org
Mon Jun 12 00:46:02 UTC 2006

Hey there linux australia,

Any comments or questions at this stage 
that might help us fine tune the bid?

This is _your_ conference after all, 
and we'd love to have your input on 
what you think is necessary for
a great conference.

- donna

On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 19:11 +1000, Donna Benjamin wrote:
> ** A bid to host linux.conf.au in 2008
> In 1999, Australia saw its first Linux users conference in Melbourne.
> Since that time, the Linux and Open Source community has flourished in
> Victoria, thanks in part to the unique leadership of this country's
> largest Linux users' group and government-funded initiatives such as
> OSV. 
> In 2008 we hope to host linux.conf.au. We will actively encourage the
> participation of a more diverse range of speakers to help bring greater
> breadth to the conference. Drawing on Melbourne's vibrant linux
> community and the culinary and cultural diversity of the city, we intend
> to deliver a magnificent experience.
> ** PR and Program
> Press releases leading up to the conference will help build delegates'
> excitement about our program and ensure we get maximum exposure for our
> sponsors. As a technical linux conference we'll invite speakers to
> submit abstracts on all areas of Linux and open source software use and
> development. We'll seek papers on the kernel & system, networking,
> server, desktop, development methods and tools, userspace and Open
> Source culture. 
> The program will include 'back room' technologies such as networking and
> servers. It will also reach forward into the 'user space' of the desktop
> and specialist applications. Tutorials and certifications will give
> attendees a chance to gain leading Linux and Open Source skills and
> knowledge, as well as add recognised training and qualifications to
> their resumes.
> ** Team and Community
> A dedicated team of experienced volunteers is leading the planning and
> implementation of LCA in 2008. Our approach is inclusive, collaborative
> and open, and we will encourage active community engagement to help us
> stage this conference. The committee will work in partnership with other
> key events such as LinuxWorld, OSDC, and the SAGE-AU IT symposium.
> ** Location
> Our venue, the University of Melbourne, provides a range of suitable
> meeting spaces. It is easily accessible by public transport, and is
> surrounded by cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. Its location, close to
> Melbourne's central business district, will leave everyone spoilt for
> choice with things to see and do.
> ** Magnificent MEL8OURNE
> In short, linux.conf.au in Melbourne 2008 will build on the success of
> its predecessors, add new innovations and aim to be the most engaging
> and rewarding conference possible for delegates and speakers. Once
> Melbourne 2008 has made its mark on the LCA conference experience, the
> volunteer committee will help to ensure that subsequent conference bid
> teams and organisers will benefit from our journey. We acknowledge and
> welcome the awesome responsibility of putting on the world's greatest
> technical linux conference. We are ready.
> Download the Full bid document (7 page PDF - 2.4MB)
>  http://www.mel8ourne.org/MEL8OURNE.pdf
> Read our letters of support
>  http://www.mel8ourne.org/letters
> Contact: 
> Donna Benjamin, donna at mel8ourne.org, +61-418-310-414
> Julien Goodwin, julien at mel8ourne.org, +61-410-746-120

linux.conf.au     http://www.mel8ourne.org
must.be.there     donna - bid co-ordinator

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