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Julien Goodwin jgoodwin at studio442.com.au
Sat Jun 3 00:20:03 UTC 2006

On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 12:44:44PM +1000, flame arranged a set of bits into the following:
> $1300	Mac mini	To test cross-browser compatibility.
> As this project relies heavily on the functionality of the host web browser it is important to run full testing on a wide range of web browser platforms. We currently have both Linux and Windows machines for inhouse testing. In the past we have been offered external testing on Mac platform browsers, however this has proven to be ineffectual and we require a Mac for proper inhouse testing and debugging. With this hardware we will be able to perform continued testing on all available Mac platform web browsers and where possible ensure that APhPLIX Development Studio will operate correctly under them.

I've waited to see other comments made, but I don't like your response
to the Intel question. Apple have guarenteed support for PPC *at*least*
through their next OS release, which based on historical timescales
would give 24 months being able to run current code (18 months for OS
lifespan, and it's still at least 6 months from release). G4's corrently
go for < $500 on eBay and are often well-specced hardware wise.

Also the base Mac Mini, which is more then fast enough for what you want
is only $1000, is there any reason why you believe the high end model is
justified? (We run one at the office to drive our projector, and have
not had an issue with it yet)

As for hosting I'd agree with other comments that sourceforge or berlios
might be good places to host it, and perhaps linux-aus if you need more

One idea might be for linux-aus to install a GForge environment to host
this sort of project (and other internal things like the voting code),
I'm willing to assist with this if people like it.

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